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Welcome Home........

Welcome to the Online Community for Basset Creek Residents! presents access to up-to-date news, information and other interesting and fun things for Basset Creek residents. Many things you need to know if you live in Basset Creek can be found here all in one place conveniently located on the web! 

Please remember to check back often. Information is updated and new items are added on a regular basis. We hope there's a little something on our site for everyone and that you find it informative and a helpful tool for facilitating communication with your Basset Creek neighbors. 

Upcoming Community Events & Monthly Newsletter

We are excited to provide the "Basset Creek Voice"  newsletters that will continue to be posted on the website each month. Thank you to the Basset Creek Board President, Melinda Morales for volunteering her time and hard work to put this newsletter together each month. 
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  • Saturday, October 27, 2018 - Basset Creek Halloween Party & Costume Contest 
  • Saturday, November 3, 2018 -  K-Bar Ranch Community Garage Sale
  • Friday, December 21, 2018 - Basset Creek "Community of Light" Celebration 


October 18, 2018 (Annual & 2019 Budget Meeting) REVISED DATE

All HOA Meetings to be held at 6:00PM at
New Tampa Regional Library
10001 Cross Creek Blvd
Tampa, FL 33637
Note: These meeting dates and times may have to be revised based on Meeting Room Availability.

October 1, 2018
November 5, 2018
December 3, 2018

All ARC Meetings are to be held at 5:00 PM at 10524 Mistflower Lane, Tampa, FL 33647.
Note: These meeting dates, times, and location are subject to change which would be properly noticed to the community.


September 19, 2018

All CDD Meetings to be held at 6:00PM at
New Tampa Regional Library
10001 Cross Creek Blvd
Tampa, FL 33637
NEW K-Bar Ranch CDD website:

Have you registered for your new online portal? If not follow the steps below:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click the Register button on the left-hand side, and enter your first and last name, property address and an email address where you would like to receive association related emails. Once your information has been verified, you will be emailed a password and be able to log in to your portal.
  3. To log in to your Account, go back to and enter your Email Address and Password in the fields provided. You may want to save this page as a favorite or bookmark it for ease of future access. You can also change your password to something you will easily remember by clicking on My Profile, then under the Login Information section, you will enter a new password in the Password* box and retype it to confirm in the Confirm Password* box. This will change your password any time you need to do so. 

Once you are logged in, you will be able to access the following information:
  • Pay your Association Dues by eCheck or Credit Card (**Note** There is a Fee for Credit Card or E-Check ā€‹Payments - if you have ACH set up already, you do not need to register for online payments)
  • Set Up Recurring Online Payments through PayLease
  • Sā€‹et up a new ACH for bank draft payments
  • Access and View your Account History
  • Access the Association's Legal Governing Documents, Guidelines, and Rules and Regulations
  • Access a Calendar of Events
  • Submit ACC Requests

ARC Applications

Did you know? No construction or structural improvement, no alteration or addition to any existing structure or site improvement shall be made on any property until the plans and specifications showing the proposed design, nature, type, shape, size, color, materials and location of same shall have been submitted to and shall have received final approval by the ARC. 

ARC Applications are available on this website under important information. You can also submit an ARC application electronically through your homeowner portal account.

Community Standards

Basset Creek was developed with the intent that homes harmonize with each other and present a pleasing and consistent style. Except as required by the Governing Documents, this style is not the result of a formal architectural code but rather the result of the vision of the developer. We are please to announce that the Fourth Edition of the Basset Creek Community Standards & the NEW Fence Guidelines has been adopted by the Board of Directors and can be viewed by clicking the links below. 

The intent of the contents of these standards is to provide the guidelines and design standards required for maintaining an aesthetically pleasing community. Adhering to these guidelines is beneficial for all involved in that they are meant to protect the investment of the homeowners, as well as portray a quality community of well-planned homes constructed with long lasting materials maintaining high construction standards

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